CRUSH features the revolutionary RealRyder® bikes.  RealRyder® bikes turns, tilts and leans while you ride providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike all while providing a full body workout with an emphasis on activating essential core muscles.  You’ll never want to ride a “stationary” bike again!


All of our bikes are SPD compatible, so feel free to bring your own bike shoes.  Don’t have bike shoes?  No worries, the bikes also have “cages” so tennis shoes work as well.


CRUSH Etiquette

  • We ask that you participate in the entire class.  If you must leave early, please select a bike in the back row so you don’t disrupt those that are in the CRUSH zone.
  • It takes a lot of focus and dedication to give it your all in each class.  Because of this we ask that you refrain from excessive talking.  Not only for your own workout but out of respect for the CRUSHers around you.
  • No typing while riding.  Can’t imagine dedicating myself to a workout and then deciding to type an email or text but I guess it happens.  Out of respect for the CRUSHers around you that are giving their all and for the instructor giving their all to the experience, please no typing.  Remember, you control how many calories you burn.
  • Instructors put a lot of thought and energy into every workout.  If you should decide to do your own thing, that’s fine but please do so in the back row.